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Informal Business Valuation ProposalThere is a variety of valuation methodologies that can be used to determine the value of your business, and no one method will satisfy every need. Determining the value of your business is necessary and may affect you in a variety of
ways, such as retirement income planning, buy-sell agreement funding, business protection and wealth transfer.

Common questions to consider

  • Retirement Income – Do you anticipate your business will be the primary source of your retirement income?
  • Exit Planning – Have you identified who will buy your business and for how much?
  • Business Protection – Have you considered the effect to business earnings and the resulting value of your company if you were to lose a key employee?
  • Wealth Transfer – Are you confident in the value your heirs would receive if you died without a buy-sell agreement in place?
  • Survivor Income – Given the amount of business income used to support your spouse and/or other beneficiaries, would they be able to maintain their desired standard of living after your death?
  • Income Protection – Upon an accident or severe illness, would you be able to meet present financial obligations (business and personal) during that stressful time?

Sale-to-income challenge
Whether you need to create a market for the sale of your business or provide protection in the event of your death,
creating a solid financial plan for your business may be critical to your future. The chart below illustrates the sale-to-income challenge for business owners.

Complimentary Informal Business Valuation
Complimentary informal business valuation
Working with a team of CPAs, attorneys and consultants, I can provide you with a complimentary informal valuation using five commonly used valuation methods. Then we’ll determine a plan of action to help meet your business objectives and goals.

Business Valuation

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Please complete the following information:

1. Business name: ________________________________________
1a. Owner(s) name: _______________________________________

1b. What is the nature of your business? _________________________

1c. Issue state: __________________________________________
2. Type of business entity:
____ C corporation ____ S corporation ____ Sole proprietorship* ____ Partnership
3. Total number of employees:
____ 1-9 ____ 201-500 ____ 10-50 ____ 501+
____ 51-200
4. Number of business owners: ____ 1 ____ 3 ____ 2 ____ 4+
5. How many years has the business been operating?__________
6. Annual growth rate: ________%
7. Business tax rate (Enter owner’s tax rate if business is taxed as a flow-through organization.): ________%
8. Do you have a buy-sell agreement? ____Yes ____No
If yes, provide a copy of the buy-sell agreement.
9. To whom do you intend to sell?
____ Family ____ Key employee ____ Third party ____ Co-owner
10. Names, phone numbers and addresses of the following professional advisers:
Attorney: ____________________________________________
Accountant: __________________________________________
Banker: _____________________________________________
11. ____Three full years of company income statements and balance sheets or ____Three full years of company tax returns
Provide information for Advanced Solutions use: Date _______ Office_______________________________________________
Advisor Name _________________________________________

Advisor Email _________________________________________

Email information to or fax to Case Design Team, 866-946-3209. If you have questions, call 800-654-4278, ext. 75328.
* In addition to providing three years of Schedule Cs, please include an informal balance sheet of business assets and liabilities.

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