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We are a full service Marketing Team for Insurance Professionals. We provide back office management and cater to independent financial advisors, planners, and financial service offices across the country. Our in-house underwriting staff, along with our marketing specialists provide the tools brokers need to manage a successful practice.

JDJ is committed to delivering professional service, quality products, and convenience.

Are you 100% certain your clients will have a










Are you 100% confident?

…or do you have doubts?

If I can show you how to get your clients out of debt in 10 years or less including their mortgage without utilization of any more than they are currently spending, will you spend 30 minutes with me?

Superior Results

JDJ is product and company neutral. We assist you in doing the best thing for you and your client.


Universal, Term, Indexed, Variable, Whole Life


Deferred, Single Premium Immediate, Indexed, Impaired Risk SPIA, Variable Annuities

Critical Illness



Individual, Group, Buy Out, Overhead Expense

Long Term Care

Individual, Group, Hybrid Life, Hybrid Annuities, Executive Carve Out


412(i), New Comparability, Defined Benefits, Profit Sharing, Carve Out, 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k)

Premium Financing / Advanced Planning Strategies

Diverse Premium Financing Programs (Full Disclosure), LifeComp

Superior Service

In today’s competitive marketplace whether you are working with difficult financial or medical cases, our staff can guide you through the process and get the cases issued.


We don’t get paid unless you get Paid!

The JDJ Advantage

You’ve probably been told a lot of things by marketing organizations during your career…empty promises to hook you…and then…nothing.

Let me ask you, do you want to do business with some 20 year old kid who has never sat in front of a client – never experienced rejection – has no idea how to plan – has no idea how to run a small business – just wants to push product on you?

Yet this is the person who’s supposed to advise you on how to build your business?!
Would you rather do business with a team of industry veterans who’s passionate about our business…

  • someone that has actually been a small business owner
  • over 25 years of sales experience
  • an expert in Life Insurance with a proven track record of increasing sales for our advisors
  • A Team who wants to help you get in front of more people – someone who wants to grow your business – not just push product on you?

Call us to find out how

About Us

Jim George


Jim graduated in 1999 with a double major in Finance and Management.

Jim started his career in insurance and financial services in 1999.  He started as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley.  From there he moved to be a financial services and insurance agent at Mutual of Omaha.

In 2005, Jim entered a marketing position at National Brokerage Agency.  He has been helping agents and advisors in this role for the last 10 years.

Derek Hammonds


Derek Graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor in Finance from Missouri State University. Derek started his career back in 2003 with State Farm as a Life Insurance Specialist where his main responsibility was Point of Sale assistance.

From there, he became a Regional Vice President with Phoenix Life Insurance company.

He now has been in the Life Insurance Brokerage arena for eight years. His vast experience on both sides of the table will benefit when it comes to implementing concepts and getting your cases issued in a timely fashion.

Joel Levine


Joel started in the insurance industry in 1986 where he spent eight years as a top-producing agent. His brokerage experience brings vast expertise of high-level marketing and advanced-planning concepts. He has helped start 2 BGA Shops. Joel has trained and taught in every facet of the BGA shop, from underwriting, contracting, internal marketing to POS work with both Mom and Pops to the ultra-rich.  His expertise is making the most complex planning concepts into simple understandable ideas for the experienced and novice alike.

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